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Skype for Business is upgrading to Microsoft Teams - are you ready?

Have you recently received an email letting you know your upgrade to Teams is scheduled? Or maybe you've seen a notification on Skype for Business, or maybe you've just heard all the talk about it recently and now you have some questions.

For me, my knowledge of the upgrade from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams was all of the above. Even for myself, there was this great unknown of when this was going to happen and how would I know. Having now just gone through this, I'd like to share my experience. This blog post is going to look at how you are going to be notified about your upgrade and what happens on the day of.

How do you know when it will happen?

I've said this before in a previous blog post - people like to know what's going on. Microsoft do a very good job at being a transparent technology partner and this is one of the things I love about working the technology.


Instead of waiting for your countdown comms to begin stay ahead of the game and plan effectively for change by keeping an eye on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.


Ten days before your upgrade is due to happen you will receive an email from a Microsoft Office 365 email address notifying you of the date you will be upgraded.

NOTE: If you have Focused Inbox for Outlook switched on, this email may appear in your 'Other' tab as it did for me.


One week before your upgrade is due to happen you will see a notification appear in Skype for Business. Clicking on the 'Try it' button (come on, I know you can't resist), Will take you to a Microsoft FastTrack Information page. This page is going to help you with enlisting your project stakeholders and defining your project scope to planning for technical and user readiness to implementing the upgrade and maximising the success.

Side note: I strongly encourage visiting the FastTrack resources if you haven't already.

On the day of your upgrade

So the day is finally here, what does it look like? When you open Skype for Business on the day of your upgrade you will be notified that "Your organisation is now using Microsoft Teams!"

No matter how many times you close and open Skype for Business this is now what it will look like for all your users.

There is a call to action to 'Go to Teams'. Because I had Teams desktop installed on my computer it opened the application by default. There was nothing different when I opened Teams this time over any other time I've opened it.

At the bottom of Skype for Business window there is a link to a Microsoft FAQ page about the switch to Teams from Skype for Business.

The FAQ page has great information on where to access past conversations and calls, what happens to existing Skype for Business meetings and more.

So never fear, you will know when your upgrade is coming in advance and it will be easy for your users to jump into Teams to continue working in a chat-based work space.

There is a lot to look forward to in the upgrade from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, but that's for my next blog post.

Additional Resources

Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams Capabilities Roadmap

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