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Archive and Restore Microsoft Teams

It's here! The ability to archive and restore Microsoft Teams is live.

To delete is to remove, get rid of or erase. To archive is to store in a place for future reference.

This blog post will look at how to archive Microsoft Teams, how to inform your users of the archive and how to restore your Team.

Being able to archive Microsoft Teams offers you the ability to keep all the great content and conversation contained within in the Team once the project has finished.

Archiving a Microsoft Team is also a great way to mark a Team as 'Read Only'

It's easy to get started archiving your Team. You'll need to be the Team Owner to perform these actions. The Team Members will no longer be able to add content to the Team

How to archive a Microsoft Team

To get started, click on the settings cog in the bottom left corner of your teams window

This will open up your window of Active and Archived Teams as shown on the right.

To archive a Team click on the ellipsis (...) next to the Team you want to Archive and click 'Archive Team'

You will be prompted with a window reminding you that this Team is being archived and will freeze all activity. You'll still be able to manage the membership of the Team but will not be able to add or edit content. At this stage you will also have the option to make the SharePoint site 'read-only' - which I would recommend doing to complete the archive process.

Informing your users

People like to know what is going on so letting your users know that they won't be able to add or edit content in the Team is really important for their user experience and overall adoption of Microsoft Teams. Teams handles this really well without you having to send out communications manually once the Team is archived. You will notice the following post-archive.

  • Users will still see the Team in their navigation bar

  • An archive icon will appear next to the Team name

  • A bar will appear along the top of the Team letting users know 'This team was archived, so you can't make any changes'

Restore a Team

To restore a Team, go to the Manage Teams page from the settings cog in the bottom left corner of your Teams window. Under Archived select the Team you want to restore and click on the ellipsis (...) and select 'Restore Team'.

User Voice

This feature was once a User Voice post so I wanted to mention the importance of jumping onto User Voice to have your say. User Voice is a platform to suggest features for products across the Microsoft Suite. Microsoft are active in here and take it very seriously so I encourage you to take a look around and use your voice!

For more detail on the steps in this blog post, head to Microsoft Support

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